Al-Mustaqbal University College in collaboration with the Chemical Engineering Department of the University of Technology ,Iraq have the honor to announce ). The conference will

The 1 International Conference on Engineering Education (ICEE 2018

be held in Babylon, Iraq on 19-20 of December/ 2018.

Conference Objectives

The fast engineering developments, innovations, and worldwide usage of engineering technologies have reflected upon the development of engineering education programs offered by international universities, which necessitates to reconsider the status of engineering education in iraq. The conference aims to highlight the main challenges, obstacles, and copportunities facing engineering education in Iraq and the development of a future vision for the directions of engineering education,whether private or public, and the future aspect for the development of methods and facilities of education through a number of topics that will be discussed in this conference.

Instructions and specifications of participation

- Accept the participation of research, studies and lectures related to the themes of the conference in both Arabic and English from inside and outside Iraq, provided that none of them exceed 15 pages printed using the program Microsoft Word (.docx) .

- The abstract of the research or study shall include the precise identification of the address, mentioning the names of the participants, their scientific grades, their work places, e-mail and mobile phone for each of them and no more than 300 words.

- The research or study is presented in three copies with a CD-ROM and printed using Microsoft Word using the 14 font size, the use of the simplified Arabic font for research in Arabic, and the Times New Roman font for the English introduction, leaving a margin of 25 mm in all aspects

- The research submitted must not be published in advance or submitted to previous conferences

- The organization undertakes to publish the research within a special issue in accredited journals

- Distinguished research awards

- Awarding certificates of participation to participants in the conference

- The host shall undertake the costs of transportation and accommodation for the participants

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